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Blog Post July 2017

What a hectic couple of months! I know there are many of you waiting anxiously for the release of the second book in ‘The Vampire Hunter Prophecy’ series, and I would like to reassure you all that I have been working hard.

With the editing completed, it was time to move onto formatting. It was exciting to see the manuscript start to take on a book form, and that is exactly what happened when we printed the proof copy. When I received the proof, it was years of hard work, all wrapped up into one copy. To see the cover and my words on the pages. I have had to read the manuscript over and over, throughout the writing, editing and formatting stages, but reading it in a physical book form, was almost like reading it for the first time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of bringing this book to fruition. I endured hurdles and struggles with my first book ‘From Dusk’, until I found InHouse Publishing. I worked with InHouse through the whole process with ‘To Dawn’, and found it to be an easy and enjoyable one. Thank you to the team at InHouse Publishing for helping me to bring my book to life and for being so easy to work with.

So, for all of you waiting for the release of ‘To Dawn’, it is not far away now, as the book is currently being printed and the ebook won’t be far behind. Hopefully by the next blog, I will be announcing the official release of ‘To Dawn: The Vampire Hunter Prophecy’.

Until then…

M. G.

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